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Vunak reviews Rift (PC)

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Vunak said...

Was a good game to start, fun to play with my friends. The invasions and Rifts seemed fresh and new. Though it wore off extremely quickly. Endgame is a serious grind especially for any PvPer. Healing dominates every game to the extent one healer can keep 3-4 people alive plus himself. Bards AoE healing got fixed to an extent but its still a problem. DPS can not keep up with healing at all. Most damaging skills can be placed in one macro. PvE, the rifts and Invasions, really lose there charm after you close your first 100 of them. Zone events are fun, to a degree.

PvP rifts are a complete joke. Meaning nobody actually PvP's at them. One faction claims the Rift and the other finds something else to do until the next PvP Rift is available.

Rifts class system is unique to a degree, but ultimately it comes down to what build is best for that calling at that particular time. They claim variety, but in actuality its an illusion. Not all builds are going to be viable and even specific callings in certain tree's are just totally worthless.

Story: 3/5 (It was interesting enough to take part in, and had some interesting/unique developments.)
Combat: 2/5 (Nothing special with combat, its actually even easier to do than WoW with the clump ability macro's)
PvE: 2.5/5 (Nothing new here just basic questing aside from you occasional Rift, that has no real impact on anything)
PvP 2.5/5 (Grindy and boring, World PvP is pretty nonexistant, PvP Rifts are a joke, and Battlegrounds are generic at best, Not to mention the massive gear grind at the end of it all.)

Overall: 3/5

If you want to stay in the themepark game but are tired of WoW's setting give Rift a try. It has a pretty decent class system.

Game Traits applied to Rift (PC) by Vunak

  • The Setting:
    Fantasy, high fantasy
  • Playing As:
    Highly configurable character
  • Playing Against:
    PvPvE, Rift Invasions
  • How it's Played:
  • General Tone:

Rift (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 01/MAR/11
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